Learning from our Clients

REDscape works for public organisations, development corporations and private individuals. It is often difficult to translate spatial taskes into clear questions. Part of our skill is learning from the client to interpret their request correctly. Through open discussion we guide clients though the alternatives and ask them to select the choice that suits their needs the best.

Client questions?

How can we design a new super dike and its landscape to accommodate 1300 new dwellings? See how: Masterplan Reeve
How can we allow our farmers to build on their allotments without destroying our UNESCO landscape status and how do we translate that into planning policy? See how: Des Beemsters Phase II
How do we integrate our port more with the city centre, and develop synergy with city’s regional infrastructure?
How can we develop a new public realm design for a harbour quarter that is flexible and cost effective and reflects the values in our development strategy? By the way we need phase one ready for tender in five weeks. This is how: Harbour Quarter, Deventer
We’re building a new provincial roadway and just realised we haven’t a vision for the landscape? Can you develop a design with 6 different local governments. This is how:
How do we develop a housing scheme for an area and give it an informal, village feeling? This is how: Masterplan Riverlands/
How can we redesign our forts, bridges and infrastructure along 67km to create an homogenous, functional, affordable, and recognizable landscape park? This is how: Furniture Design for National Monuement the Grebbe Line
How can we design a small local park to accommodate 400 parking spaces and 6 new 14 storey towers? This is how: City Park Aziëweg
We own 17 forts and own and maintain large areas of land around these forts, but we need to get a grip on what makes them special for future development? The Forts of the Forestry Department
We want to renovate a discarded bunker defense system and use it for nature and recreation. Design for Tank Defence
We bought a site and want to build new houses, but it’s a sensitive, historical site. Is it possible? Masterplan White House
We have a 400 year old estate with many different buildings in need of repair. Can you develop a plan for the next 20 -30 years? We want to change the water management as well. This is how: Leyduin

Selection of Clients

Office of Public Works, IRL; Dublin City Council, IRL; Fingal Local authority, IRL; Dutch ministry of Buildings and Architecture, NL; Dutch Ministry of Water, NL; Dutch Forestry Commission, NL; Province of North Holland, NL; Province of Utrecht, NL; Province of Overijssel (Atelier Overijssel), NL; North Holland Environmnetal Federation, NL; Landscape North Holland, NL; Landscape of Utrecht, NL; Development commission for Line Land; Development Commission for the Gelderland Valley; West Northamptonshire Development Corporation – WNDC, ENG; Municipality of Kampen, NL; Municipality of Beemster, NL; Municipality of Haarlem, NL; Municipality of Deventer, NL; Municipality of Haarlemmermeer, NL; Municipality of Amstelveen, NL; City council Zeeburg, Amsterdam, NL; Amsterdam City Council, NL; Cork City Council, IRL; Stimuleringsfonds voor Architectuur, NL; Project Office for the New Dutch Water Line, NL; CONO Cheese Producers, NL; Rosbercon Developments, IRL; Préferent Project Development b.v., NL; Alliantie Housing Corporation, NL; DOK Architects, NL; OMP Architects, IRL; OBB Architects, IRL