Public participation

Public participation is a cornerstone of successful design. It is particularly important and rewarding to bring community members into the local planning process because the resulting decisions often have a direct and palpable effect on their daily lives. Well-designed projects that fit within a community but haven’t included public involvement may face opposition that slows or stops development. A plan created with robust community engagement produces clear expectations and incentivises good projects by reducing the time and cost of approval.

Proactive planning

A proactive planning process that includes a well-designed community involvement component allows residents to understand the thinking behind what is being proposed, assess tradeoffs, and assures that most people will be happy with the plan and individual projects at delivery. This will also reduce the likelihood of contentious battles before councils and planning commissions.

Leading interactive design

REDscape believes that public participation processes deliver excellent results. Our experience in delivering high quality design and consensus stems from a belief that designs are better when we listen to the people we are making them for. We like to engage public from simple table top talks, to larger interactive groups, workshops and interactive design sessions. REDscape has also collaborated with specialists for delivering large complex projects through ‘gaming’ i.e. the development of games to deliver discussion and consensus.