REDscape is a design office for landscape and urbanism that delivers solutions for spatial questions. We model our approach around a process of discovery by analysis, design and delivery. We help clients to translate complex questions into clear, creative proposals that are graphically communicated. REDscape matches capabilities to projects. We integrate skills from design to strategy, research and communication in handpicked teams to deliver innovative solutions to each task. Our client portfolio is diverse and reflects the nature of our work, which is specialised, yet wide ranging.

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REDscape views landscape as built artefact and not natural entity. This philosophy of design is described in the name of the office by integrating RED, the symbol of the built environment with – scape, the unbuilt environment to form an approach called REDscape. REDscape sets out to explore landscapes and urban conditions with a view to understanding and interpreting them culturally, emotionally and technically to then propose directions for change and transformation. Increasing urban expansion, higher living densities and changing global dynamics are all contributors to the increasing requirement for the careful understanding, utilisation, and interpretation of existing landscapes for the adaptation of new functions such as living, working, recreation, nature development, and water management.